July Photo A Day Week One


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Morning All!

I’m sorry I’ve not been around for an age but I’m now back and on holiday so I don’t really have an excuse. I have decided to restart doing the Photo A Day challenges again so here is this weeks post.

Day 1 - Red and White

Day 1 – Red and White

Day 2 Something Beginning With K....

Day 2 Something Beginning With K….

Day 3 - Match

Day 3 – Match

Day 4 Stars

Day 4 Stars


Day 5 – On The Table


Day 6 – View


Day 7 – First

I hope you’ve liked these photos and look forward to next week. I shall talk to you soon.





#SummerBloggerChallenge Summer To Do List


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Morning All!

Before I start this post I would like to apologize for me being MIA for ages. I’ve been having a few struggles in college over the past few weeks over a number of things but now I’ve finished! Forever and all I need to do now is look into the future.

In light of today being the first day of my summer, I thought I’d tell you, (very late) that I have joined up to the Summer Blogger Challenge! This is where I will be given a weekly topic to write a post about. And this weeks is all about what I want to do during the summer, other than work and play copious amount of video games.

1 – Go cycling

2 – Go swimming

3 – Go to the beach

4 – Make more YouTube videos

4a – Start Vloging. I am actually partly there with this one because I have two Vlogs from last week to edit and uploaded!

5 – Have a BBQ

6 – Read more

7 –  Take more photos

8 – Complete at least one of a July/August Photo a Day challenge

9 – See people

10 – Go on adventures

So there are ten things I would like to do over my summer! What are your plans or what would you like to do with yours? Let me know in the comments bellow and I will see you next time!




#2014 Blogger Challenge – Hair

Morning All!

This weeks topic for the 2014 Blogger Challenge is Hair, once again this is a day early but ah well. Now I’m not the greatest person with hair, I can do about three different hair styles, I very rarely use styling tools and after I’ve washed it I just leave it to do it’s own thing and dry naturally.

The main thing I’ve ever done to my hair (other than getting it cut) is to dye it. Since I first dyed it when I was around 13 years old, I’ve had my hair dark blue, varying shade of red/pink and purple. However in all that time I’ve only ever dyed all my hair once and that was around Christmas time and that was only a very slightly different colour possibly a shade darker than my natural colour.

The reasoning behind this is that I enjoy having different colours in my hair but I’ve never wanted to drastically change all my hair colour. I like the colour it is but I think having another, unnatural colour along side that just adds something different into the mix.

In this way I tend to go for semi-permanent dyes rather than permanent. Some I have found last longer than others and it also means that I’m not wasting money buying a box of permanent hair dye when I only want to do less than half of my hair.

My favorite semi-permanent dyes are the Directions hair dyes they have a wide variety of colours and the pots last a very long time. I’m actually not quite sure how long you’re supposed to keep them but one pot I’ve had for at least 5 years and I’m not even half way through it.


The main downside of using semi-permanent is that the colours don’t last as long, but the different shades differ, the main two I’ve used are the Violet which lasts at most just over a week, compared to Poppy Red, and although it came out much pinker than I anticipated, lasted a good few months before being washed out completely.

I think for the time being I’m going to stick with occasionally using semi-permanent dyes and since I don’t dye my hair that often it stays in pretty good condition. Also being an actor having different coloured hair permanently could become a bit of an issue so better to stay safe than sorry.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I shall talk to you soon.




Food Friday – Sorted Food’s Stop Motion Cookies aka Double Chocolate stuffed Cookies


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Morning All!

For a while I’d been planning on doing Oreo Stuffed Cookies for my next recipe, so I kept buying the Oreo’s to make them but yep you’ve guessed it, before I got round to actually making the cookies I’d eaten the entire packet! But then I was on the Sorted Food YouTube channel and I stumbled across these and I had to make them.

They are wonderful! Unfortunately I didn’t have enough salt so I can’t comment on that part of the recipe but they were so simple and easy to make and delicious to eat. Considering the amount of baking I do I don’t have a ‘sweet tooth’ so my worry was that these were going to be extremely sweet but they weren’t and the Nutella and Chocolate Caramel in the middle just added an extra something to them.

If you want to see the original recipe and video you can find it here on the Sorted Food website.


Dry ingrediants



The recipe was almost a stick it all in and mix together. So melting the butter in a pan then adding in the sugar, eggs, coca, salt, baking powder, flour and then chocolate chips.

They are added in that order because one the flour goes in the mixture gets extremely thick and hard to mix so it’s easier to make sure everything else is thoroughly combined before hand. However adding the chocolate chips afterwards meant that they stayed evenly distributed through the mixture. Unlike when you make cakes or muffins and they all sink to the bottom while they’re cooking. Any one else find that?

The rest was easy although I did find it much easier to shape the mixture one It’d firmed up in the fridge for about ten minutes.

DSC_0112I wasn’t quite sure  about the size of them but it’s been a while since I’ve made cookies so I just went with it.

They didn’t take that long to bake, I had to put them back in for a few more minutes because I didn’t feel that they were quite ready but that may have been me being slightly over cautious.


I did have to leave them on the tray for a few minutes before transferring them to the cooling rack.

And here are my final products.


IMG_20140502_190649The Nuttella and chocolate caramel in the middle of the cookie just added an extra flavor to it. The consensus so far has been positive so I think these shall be something I will be making again, although next time I shall get the salt to see what they’re like because even though they’re no ‘too’ sweet it could be nice with the salt cutting through so of the sweetness.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I shall see you next time.




Saving Mr Banks


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Morning All!


The other day I finally go round to watching the film Saving Mr Banks staring Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks. I’ve wanted to see this film ever since I first saw the trailer in the cinema and I’m so glad I did. It was an amazing film. Nothing like I thought it would be from the trailer but that in someways made it even better. It not only tells the story of creating the film Mary Poppins but the tale behind the original novel.

The performance from both Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks was superb and I love there creation of both characters and the relationship on screen which just drew you even further into the story it’s self. This along with the flash backs into P.L. Travers past was a wonderful way to tell the story and it explained all her reactions to different elements of the film.

Even though there was almost a sad ending to the whole story and the plot it seemed almost very carefree and easy to watch, the humor throughout worked wonderfully from the reactions of the other characters to P.L. Travers and her very ‘English’ view of things to when they get her up and dancing to Let’s Go Fly A Kite. 

Overall I loved this film and although it was an easy watch it conveyed the messages perfectly and it was so interesting. Once it had finished and the credits were rolling I sat there thinking I really want to watch Mary Poppins now. All the characters within the story were wonderful even the smaller ones, one of my favorites being the driver Ralph.

I shall leave you with one last thing, if you haven’t already seen this film I would strongly advise you to do so, it’s so wonderful and I think it encapsulates all the magic that was and is Mary Poppins even though it’s about the films creation.

Thank you for reading I shall see you next time.




Photo A Day Week 5


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Morning All!

So we have reached the end of April and I didn’t get a photo for the 30th but I only missed two days this Month. I’m going to continue to post my photos from each week so I thought I’d just continue posting them in the same format just restarting the day so here is the last photo from April and the beginning of May.


Day 29 Contrast


Day 1 Begins With J…


Day 2 Snack


Day 3 Collection

IMG_20140505_162622 (1)

Day 5 4pm

So I missed more photos this week than I wanted but I hope you enjoyed the photos I did get and I shall see you next week for more.




National Theatre – King Lear


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Morning All.

On Thursday I had the wonderful experience of going to watch the National Theatre’s live screen of King Lear in my local cinema. As a theatre lover it was a fantastic opportunity and King Lear is a Shakespeare play that I hadn’t read or seen before so I was excited.

The cast was fantastic including :

Simon Russell Beale as Lear

Anna Maxwell Martin as Regan

Kate Fleetwood as Goneril

Adrian Scarborough as The Fool

Tom Brooke as Edgar


Olivia Vinall as Cordelia.

I came away from the performance astounded I’ve seen a number of the National Theatre’s other productions including War Horse and it did not disappoint. I think that King Lear, is the darkest Shakespeare I have seen and I love it the whole story line and the themes running through it. But the performances back it up! Everything from the scenery and costume to lights and sound created a wonderful setting for the fantastic performances of each actor on stage. And the way everything was put together it didn’t matter that I wasn’t there in the theatre watching it everything translated onto screen really well.

One of the best parts for me, was because we were seeing a live screening there was a short film during the interval where the actors talked about the relationships especially the ones between King Lear and his three daughters. This was really interesting to watch but what was more interesting, and useful to me (as I am studying to become an actor) was when Simon Russel Beale talk about some of the research and processes he had done while creating his character.

I must say after that performance I think that King Lear is not only one of my favorite Shakespeare plays but one of the best performances I have ever been to see!

If you haven’t watched this production of King Lear do try I think there are other screenings of the show and just to give you a glimpse of what it’s like I shall leave you with the trailer for the show.

Thank you for reading and I shall see you next time.




Food Friday – Smokey Chicken Enchiladas


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Morning All!

Last week I promised you a savory dish so I am. I made Sorted Food’s Smokey Chicken Enchiladas the other day, you can find the recipe here. I must say if you haven’t been on their website already I’d say go! They have a huge variety of simple and easy recipes and many have videos to go along side them so you can see how they do it themselves.

I really enjoyed this recipe the out come was really good and a portion was good as a meal by itself. The recipe makes enough for four people and since I was cooking it just for myself it made enough for meals for most of the week!

When I made the recipe I didn’t have any cajun spice so instead I put in half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper just to add some heat but it didn’t really add enough so when I make this again I think I’ll put more it. I also made the mistake of over reducing the sauce and although it was nice there wasn’t quite enough of it in relation to the rest of the dish. 

The majority of this dish was assembly  because the sauce and filling didn’t take that long once they were on the heat.


The only half decent photo I managed to get.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.