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Morning All!

Last week I promised you a savory dish so I am. I made Sorted Food’s Smokey Chicken Enchiladas the other day, you can find the recipe here. I must say if you haven’t been on their website already I’d say go! They have a huge variety of simple and easy recipes and many have videos to go along side them so you can see how they do it themselves.

I really enjoyed this recipe the out come was really good and a portion was good as a meal by itself. The recipe makes enough for four people and since I was cooking it just for myself it made enough for meals for most of the week!

When I made the recipe I didn’t have any cajun spice so instead I put in half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper just to add some heat but it didn’t really add enough so when I make this again I think I’ll put more it. I also made the mistake of over reducing the sauce and although it was nice there wasn’t quite enough of it in relation to the rest of the dish. 

The majority of this dish was assembly  because the sauce and filling didn’t take that long once they were on the heat.


The only half decent photo I managed to get.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.