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Morning All.

On Thursday I had the wonderful experience of going to watch the National Theatre’s live screen of King Lear in my local cinema. As a theatre lover it was a fantastic opportunity and King Lear is a Shakespeare play that I hadn’t read or seen before so I was excited.

The cast was fantastic including :

Simon Russell Beale as Lear

Anna Maxwell Martin as Regan

Kate Fleetwood as Goneril

Adrian Scarborough as The Fool

Tom Brooke as Edgar


Olivia Vinall as Cordelia.

I came away from the performance astounded I’ve seen a number of the National Theatre’s other productions including War Horse and it did not disappoint. I think that King Lear, is the darkest Shakespeare I have seen and I love it the whole story line and the themes running through it. But the performances back it up! Everything from the scenery and costume to lights and sound created a wonderful setting for the fantastic performances of each actor on stage. And the way everything was put together it didn’t matter that I wasn’t there in the theatre watching it everything translated onto screen really well.

One of the best parts for me, was because we were seeing a live screening there was a short film during the interval where the actors talked about the relationships especially the ones between King Lear and his three daughters. This was really interesting to watch but what was more interesting, and useful to me (as I am studying to become an actor) was when Simon Russel Beale talk about some of the research and processes he had done while creating his character.

I must say after that performance I think that King Lear is not only one of my favorite Shakespeare plays but one of the best performances I have ever been to see!

If you haven’t watched this production of King Lear do try I think there are other screenings of the show and just to give you a glimpse of what it’s like I shall leave you with the trailer for the show.

Thank you for reading and I shall see you next time.