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Morning All!


The other day I finally go round to watching the film Saving Mr Banks staring Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks. I’ve wanted to see this film ever since I first saw the trailer in the cinema and I’m so glad I did. It was an amazing film. Nothing like I thought it would be from the trailer but that in someways made it even better. It not only tells the story of creating the film Mary Poppins but the tale behind the original novel.

The performance from both Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks was superb and I love there creation of both characters and the relationship on screen which just drew you even further into the story it’s self. This along with the flash backs into P.L. Travers past was a wonderful way to tell the story and it explained all her reactions to different elements of the film.

Even though there was almost a sad ending to the whole story and the plot it seemed almost very carefree and easy to watch, the humor throughout worked wonderfully from the reactions of the other characters to P.L. Travers and her very ‘English’ view of things to when they get her up and dancing to Let’s Go Fly A Kite. 

Overall I loved this film and although it was an easy watch it conveyed the messages perfectly and it was so interesting. Once it had finished and the credits were rolling I sat there thinking I really want to watch Mary Poppins now. All the characters within the story were wonderful even the smaller ones, one of my favorites being the driver Ralph.

I shall leave you with one last thing, if you haven’t already seen this film I would strongly advise you to do so, it’s so wonderful and I think it encapsulates all the magic that was and is Mary Poppins even though it’s about the films creation.

Thank you for reading I shall see you next time.