Morning All!

This weeks topic for the 2014 Blogger Challenge is Hair, once again this is a day early but ah well. Now I’m not the greatest person with hair, I can do about three different hair styles, I very rarely use styling tools and after I’ve washed it I just leave it to do it’s own thing and dry naturally.

The main thing I’ve ever done to my hair (other than getting it cut) is to dye it. Since I first dyed it when I was around 13 years old, I’ve had my hair dark blue, varying shade of red/pink and purple. However in all that time I’ve only ever dyed all my hair once and that was around Christmas time and that was only a very slightly different colour possibly a shade darker than my natural colour.

The reasoning behind this is that I enjoy having different colours in my hair but I’ve never wanted to drastically change all my hair colour. I like the colour it is but I think having another, unnatural colour along side that just adds something different into the mix.

In this way I tend to go for semi-permanent dyes rather than permanent. Some I have found last longer than others and it also means that I’m not wasting money buying a box of permanent hair dye when I only want to do less than half of my hair.

My favorite semi-permanent dyes are the Directions hair dyes they have a wide variety of colours and the pots last a very long time. I’m actually not quite sure how long you’re supposed to keep them but one pot I’ve had for at least 5 years and I’m not even half way through it.


The main downside of using semi-permanent is that the colours don’t last as long, but the different shades differ, the main two I’ve used are the Violet which lasts at most just over a week, compared to Poppy Red, and although it came out much pinker than I anticipated, lasted a good few months before being washed out completely.

I think for the time being I’m going to stick with occasionally using semi-permanent dyes and since I don’t dye my hair that often it stays in pretty good condition. Also being an actor having different coloured hair permanently could become a bit of an issue so better to stay safe than sorry.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I shall talk to you soon.